Misskey is a decentralized platform

Misskey is a free and open project, and anyone can freely create a server (called an instance) using Misskey, so various instances have already been published on the Internet. 
Also important is that Misskey implements a distributed communication protocol called ActivityPub , which allows you to interact with users of other instances no matter which instance you choose. 
Because this is said to be decentralized, it is fundamentally different from other services such as Twitter, which are published by a single operator with a single URL.
The main topic themes, user groups, languages, etc. differ depending on the instance, and it is one of the pleasures to find an instance that suits you (of course, creating your own instance is also fun).

Main functions

Misskey has a variety of features, from general to special. Here are some of them.


In Misskey, user posts are called “notes.” You can also cite other notes and attach images, videos, audio and any other files.


It implements ActivityPub, an open distributed protocol, so it can interact with other Misskey instances as well as other software that supports ActivityPub.


You can add a “reaction” to the notebook, and you can easily and easily express and convey your feelings.


There is an interface to manage uploaded files. Therefore, you can easily combine your favorite images into folders and share them again.


You can use Misskey with your favorite design. Of course, dark mode is also fully supported. You can also create your own advanced themes.
More info: Misskey-Hub, GitHub

2 min
Update the environment
1 min
Start the installation
3 min
Setup Nginx
5 min
Setup Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
5 min
Misskey is like Facebook. The big difference is that it is free open source software without advertisements or tracking code. You can host your own server if you like!
Yes. Misskey is free open source software. You can find the source code here: https://github.com/misskey-dev/misskey
Yes. You can connect with people on other Fediverse servers.

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Setup Misskey Social Media on Ubuntu Linux